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The Snuggle Kennel is perfect for cats and small dogs. It's the ideal solution for travelling, short or long distances, with a padded 3-point strap that allows you to easily carry the kennel and belt straps to secure  in the backseat of your car. You can even attach it to your suitcase.


The bag is foldable in durable textile, with zip-up mounting. Around the bag there are ventilation screens for good circulation of air and a good view for the animal. These nets can also be covered with a folding curtain. A cosy inner cushion is included for comfort.


Colours Available: Anthracite

Suitable for small dogs and cats up to 7kg.

Length: 48cm Width: 28cm Height: 25cm


Snuggle Kennel™

From $339


Comes with a cosy inner cusion.


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