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Holding on to Summer!

It's about now I start to regret not doing everything I possibly could have OUTSIDE during the peak of the Summer months. When the day breaks at 5.30am and ends around 9.30pm it seems like you have an eternity to fill the hours with as many adventures as you want...or as the case may be, perhaps not as many as you should have! So here we are heading into cooler temperatures for the next 6 months or so, and a lot less light in the mornings and evenings...what happened to Summer and how did it go so fast?? Regardless, it means more after-work runs and mini-adventures through the scattered reserves of native bush in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland), as me and the pup try to take advantage of the last of the summer rays. It's also an exciting time for us at Adventure Pets, with some developing relationships within the animal rescue community.

Taj is a rescue pup, and we know first hand just how loving and enriching these beautiful animals are when they are given even HALF a chance to exist in a caring and loving environment.

Watching Taj grow in confidence from the lanky and slightly unsure juvenile I picked up and transported to the flat in Melbourne, to the confident, strong and happy dog he is today has been a pleasure that is hard to put into words, and brought a purpose and reward to my life I had not known could be so pure and simple.

So it's with genuine excitement that we now hope to be able to contribute and help some other animals who are in the same position Taj was in all those years ago. Stay tuned, and stay outside as much as you can while the sun lasts!!

C, J & T.

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